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Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion and its sister company, Hot Tub Covers Canada, is thrilled to offer the innovative ControlOMatic line of products. These include saltwater chlorine generators, replacement cells and a wide range of hot tub and spa accessories. 

The newest product from ControlOMatic is the SmarterSpa. Hands down the most "easy to use" solution on the market, the SmarterSpa boasts built-in chlorine detection. Advanced features also ensure spa owners do not have to tinker with temperature compensation or worry about vacation modes. 

When compared to industry competitors, the ControlOMatic SmarterSpa offers the highest output of chlorine - providing hot tub and spa owners with peace of mind and balanced water.

To learn more about the SmaterSpa, its features and installation, please watch this quick video: https://youtu.be/2gh4w9QEvyI

8/22/2016 1:45 PM By Andrea B Saltwater Hot Tub Tips,

If you have been contemplating the switch to a saltwater chlorine generator for your pool, hot tub or spa, spring is the perfect time. Not only is spring one of the most common times to fill a swimming pool or to flush a hot tub, but the industry booms with sales, service offerings and promotional discounts. 

Pool salt and hot tub salt is no exception to this rule. If you keep a close eye on weekly flyers. Not a fan of reading through flyers? There is a great online tool and app call FLIPP, which allows you to quickly scan flyers in your area for your most wanted item. Just plug "pool salt" into the search query and you're on your way to scooping up great deals!

Still undecided about a saltwater chlorine generator? Check out the handy resources on our website at www.saltwaterhottubconversion.com and the choice will be clear.


Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means - pool parties!

If you are a homeowner with a backyard swimming pool, planning to visit a home with a swimming pool, or taking a trip to a waterfront cottage - do we have a fun share for you.

Tag Along Toys is a store in Ottawa and already their selection of jumbo pool floats are flying off the shelves. These fun and fancy-free pool floats have been all the rage the last few years, but Canadians struggled to find them in stock. As of today, Tag Along Toys has the donut, giant rubber duckie, gummy bear and gumball machine in stock.

Amazon.ca also boasts a collection of these larger-than-life pool floats, including a pineapple raft, a swan, various donuts and a Tootsie Roll

So if you are looking to amp up your summer fun, it might be time to invest in a crazy large pool toy. We can't wait to see these at the pool, beach or lake! 

Why spend upwards of $1000 for a Hot Springs Spa replacement ACE cell when you can take advantage of the Deuce Replacement Cell from ControlOMatic.

Designed as a direct replacement for all Hot Springs Ace Systems, versions 1 & 2, the Deuce operates with the same voltage and output. It is easily installed in minutes, with no modifications. Highly regarded for improving the water flow rate and enhancing performance, the Deuce has become a consumer's recommended product thanks to the clear housing unit, which makes for easy viewing and maintenance.

The Deuce ships with a 10 foot cable, filter cap with cable holder and complete installation instructions. It also includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty directly from ControlOMatic.

For more information about the ControlOMatic Deuce Replacement Cell for Hot Springs Spas, please visit our product information page.

If you've ever experienced shattered glass in or around your hot tub or spa, then you understand the value of quality, shatterproof glasses.

fullerLife has introduced a 4 pack of unbreakable and shatterproof wine glasses, perfect for using around swimming pools, hot tubs, and swim spas. While ideal for those who enjoy entertaining in the hot tub, they are also perfect for camping, using on boats, or other venues where broken glass can be hard to clean up.

fullerLife unbreakable wine glasses are manufactured from 100% Tritan plastic, which is clear, ultra-thin, light and top-rack dishwasher safe. Guaranteed BPA-Free and EA-Free, therefore no harmful chemicals will leach into your hot or cold drinks. Available on Amazon.com, these drinking glasses would make the perfect gift for the loved one or best friend who has everything!

BONUS!  fullerLIFE is offering Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion customers a savings coupon.  Use promo code SALT1WAT at checkout to save $5.00 of the purchase of the product.  Valid until Friday, January 15th, 2016 at 11:59PM EST. 

1/6/2016 1:43 PM By Andrea B Saltwater Hot Tub Tips,

Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion is thrilled to announce we will be carrying the the newly released ControlOMatic SmaterChlor in the new year.

Available to both our Canadian and American customers, the SmarterChlor is set to revolutionize the saltwater chlorine generator market. With built-in chlorine detection technology (patent pending), the SmarterChlor is capable of turning on as needed, instead of using the traditional timed cycled. For our spa and hot tub owners, this new technology will take away the worry of over-chlorination and help reduce potential chlorine damage to your leisure products.

ControlOMatic has manufactured the SmarterChlor in both an inline and drape over version, and this new device boasts the same simple, easy to read salt level indicator display. For more information or to determine if the SmarterChlor will work with your spa or hot tub, give the team at Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion a call. We can be reached at 1.877.544.COVER (2683)

Saltwater Hot Tub Conversions is proud to offer our Canadian and American clients the ControlOMatic ChlorMaker DO Hot Tub and Spa Drape Over Saltwater Chlorine Generator.Read More
For those homeowners who keep their hot tubs at cooler temperatures so children can enjoy a soak, you will be happy to know the experts agree: salt water hot tubs can be safe for children.Read More
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