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Awesome system, after getting everything balanced out I haven’t had to touch the hot Tub in weeks all levels are maintaining perfectly
Ordered Smarterchlor
Kyle caraway , Dayton , Tn
I have been running with the replacement cells for my salt water spa's for the past five years. I have two spas one at home and one at a vacation house. I have never had a problem or issue with the replacement cells. I have seen long life and good reliability from the replacement cells. Keep up the good work.
Ordered ChlorMaker DO Drape Over Replacement Cell
Joseph Popivchak , Butler , USA
Merci pour le bon support technique, la nouvelle pièce a fonctionné parfaitement Thanks for the good technical support, the new part worked perfectly
Ordered patrick marier
patrick marier , Morin-Heights , Québec
This has to be one of the best vendors on the internet! Shipping was exceptionally fast and the after sales service is second to none. Would recommend Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion to anyone who has a saltwater tub.
Ordered Chlorinator power supply
Derrick Macnab , Cochrane , Alberta
Great customer service. Order came on time and no issues. I will use Salt water conversion again.
Ordered Salt water unit
Greg Kleinhesselink , Omaha , US
Great product, easy install no nasty fumes.
Ordered Salt water generator for my swim spa.
Michael Zoberski , Boise , Idaho
Great to discover that we didn't have to pay the outrageous amount that the store where we purchased our tub charges for a new cell. Was originally mislead by the salesman when we purchased the tub as to what the replacement cost would be. Very happy to have found 'Salt Water Tub Conversion' on line. Thanks.
Ordered Cell for Ace Salt Water Tub
Linda Bellm , Burlington , Ontario
My original OEM saltwater cell failed after 15 months of use. The cost of a Hot springs replacement cell was ridiculous so I ordered the "Deuce" after do some research. I received the 'Deuce" after a short amount of time it took to pass thru USA customs. I drained my hot tub, cleaned it, and started out with fresh, clean water. Stabilized the salt levels, Ph, alkaline and water hardness levels. The process of taking the OEM cell out was easy, as was the time it took to put the "Deuce" in its place. Removed the rubber end cap so I could place it in the filter tube. Activated the "Deuce" cell using the original hot springs controller and set the desired level output for the device and it went online right away and has maintained the proper levels of chlorine. I have only had it installed for a couple weeks but so far have no regrets for ordering the "Deuce". Thank you for helping me get my spa up and running without breaking the bank.
Ordered The Deuce saltwater cell replacement for Hot springs Spa
S.W. Baker , Traverse City , Michigan
Ordered Deuce replacement cell for my HotSpring spa. Order delivery was timely. Installation of replacement cell took less than 10 minutes. Worked as advertised. Rep from company gave helpful hints on cell placement. I would definitely recommend.
Ordered Deuce replacement cell
Jack Bender , Minden , NV
I was skeptical of purchasing this product after stumbling upon it on an internet search for cell replacement options. I was shocked by the price the dealers were charging for the replacement part and somewhat irritated by the fact that the lifetime of the cell was not disclosed at the time of purchase. I called Salt Water Hot Tubs and the owner spent several minutes answering all of my questions about the Deuce. I have not written my review earlier because I wanted to make sure that the product worked in the short and long term. The Deuce came quickly in the mail and was very easy to install. It has been over a year now and the Deuce has worked like a charm. The company has been very responsive, the product is great, and the price is right! I recommend them without reservation.
Ordered Deuce replacement cell
Ryan Goslin , Underhill , VT
We just recently ordered the Deuce replacement cell for our Hotsprings Ace saltwater system after our original cell died after about 14 months of use. We did have some trouble with the connection due to the cap that was supplied with our Hotsprings Ace cell (see picture). This would not work with this cell and we had to modified the cap with a different grommet to secure the cable. Bought the grommet at Home Depot and made the hole a little bigger to install it. Once that was done it was smooth sailing after that. Easy to install and was working right away. As a matter of fact, I think it works better that the original cell ever did. Saved us a lot of money as our pool company wanted $1400 for the cell and a service call charge.
Ordered Deuce replacement cell
Jane , Burlington , Ontario
I ordered this product and so far it is working fine. The replacement cost from Hot Springs in NZ was $950. I got this for $200 cheaper from States. Arrived within a week of ordering it. \So I manage to take the cap off the old one and use it for this one. So, so far so good and hoping this outlast the hot springs one which you only get 2. Years use.
Ordered Deuce replacement cell
Pete Rathod , Christchurch , New Zealand
the Deuce Replacement Cell for Hot Springs Spas and Hot Tubs The system just works great! No problems!
Ordered the Deuce Replacement Cell for Hot Springs Spas and Hot Tubs
Michael Schultz , Sanford , Usa
This unit was simple to install, was half the price of the Hot Spring spa dealer and works better than the original. Won't buy another Ace cell for my system.
Ordered Deuce electrode
Neil Nicholson , Listowel , ON
This product worked well as a direct replacement for the Hot Springs Ace system
Ordered Replacement cell
Steven Dieckhoff , Elgin , IL
The Deuce - I love it! No reason to buy an overpriced OEM version. This is better and cheaper.
Ordered Hot Springs Replacement Salt Cell
Douglas Schloss , NY , NY
I have a Hot Spring Spa with an Ace Salt System. I have replaced the Cell every 2 years since the spa was new. I just ordered the Deuce replacement Cell and received it very quickly. It took only 20 minutes to install. I took the opportunity to drain and refill the spa during this time. Once I was done I turned the spa back on and the Salt system had no alarms and was working correctly. This Cell looks very well made and was very cost effective. It comes with a 1 year warranty but should last much longer. If you ever have Questions Gordon the Owner will even answer them. That's Awesome...
Ordered Deuce
Craig Christoffersen , Three Forks, Mt , US
Hello Gord, I would just like to let you know that I have the Deuce salt cell yesterday, five days earlier than expected! I installed the cell within 20 minutes and it immediately corrected the fault that was showing with the previous ACE cell. Thanks so much for your prompt and personal attention to my order. I am 100% happy with the product and service. Kind regards Peter Dodds
Ordered Deuce Salt Cell
Peter Dodds , Canberra AUSTRALIA , Canberra
I was somewhat apprehensive to order a Ace / Deuce Cell " replacement cell for the original cell we had installed. We have a Hot Springs Vanguard hot tub with the Ace Saltwater system. As many have stated, having to purchase a $799 Ace cell every 2 1/2 years is expensive. I searched the web to find this system. I was able to install it myself without any issues. It really works like the Ace cell and in many ways easier and less expensive in other ways, no $35 Vanishing Act bag to purchase, no calcium reducing hose filter, less expensive salt and easier maintenance. I had questions and when I contacted the company they were very helpful. Victoria
Ordered Deuce Replacement Cell
Victoria , Evergreen , CO
I had a time trying to maintain the chlorine level and water without having bubbles constantly. I found this product online and read some reviews. I decided to give it a try. I am very pleased with the Smarter Spa. Since installing the Smarter Spa I have had crystal clear water and no problems with chlorine, ph, or stabilizer levels. When installing Smarter Spa just make sure you add salt gradually. My spa is 450 gallons and called for around 11 cups, but was ideal at 9 cups of salt. I am so glad to have found this product and Gordon was very helpful in the process. I mounted the ac adapter inside my spa’s cabinet to protect it from the elements. Control is mounted on outside of cabinet. I highly recommend this product!
Ordered Smarter Spa
Edison Harris , Gainesville , Ga
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