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Very please with the product and the incredible quick repsonse from Gord. Would certainly recomend this company!
Ordered Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion Drape over
Jason Stoesz , Kelowna , British Columbia
Works great! Direct electrical replacement for the Hotspring original. Hot spring keypad recognized it right away, gives accurate salt levels, works just like the original. Does not fit into the middle of the filter like the old one, but with it out in the filter box you can look at it and see that it is making chlorine any time. Instructions even say to clean it just reverse the electrical leads. Hot spring didn't tell me that.
Ordered John Hanes
John Hanes , Virginia Beach , VA
The Deuce replacement cell works the same as the original Ace Cell which they wanted to charge me $1,000 Can.. Easy to install, just remove old cell and plug in new one. The deuce cell is larger than the ace cell and does not fit into the receptacle inside the filter. (I have a flair tub) It lays between the receptacle and the filter walls and works just fine. The controls and settings work the same as the ace cell. You have to increase the hardness slightly for the deuce to work properly. So far happy with the deuce and $600 richer!!!.
Ordered Duece replacement cell for Hot Springs Ace sytem
G. Otto , Port Moody , BC
This product worked great on my Hot Springs Grandee Tub. The Ace cell was $750 and it seems this works even better. Its a simpler design and the installation was a snap. Perfect Fit. I highly recommend. I hope I get 3 years out of it. Thanks
Ordered Deuce Replacement Cell for Hot Springs Spas and Hot Tubs
Paul Guttmann , Pomona , New York USA
It was a pleasure to deal with a company with such personal interaction. I've only been using the product a week so this is my early review. I've owned my spa for a little over a year. I was new to the world of spas. I'm very particular about learning and maintaining equipment. I did my research and decided to go with an ozonarter, mineral stick and chlorine. I won't go into the details but over the past year I have tried bromine and baqucides. All three have been very difficult to fine tune and time consuming. I needed a system that would allow up to two weeks with no attention. Those products did not fit the my needs. So after more research I decided to go the salt route. ControlOMatic was my choice. There are others out there. I can say I'm VERY HAPPY so far! Everything is working exactly as described. I hope to write another positive review in the future.
Ordered SmarterSpa
Mike , Felton , De
Literally took me 15 minutes to set this up and install it. It's working great. Haven't looked back to dumping all the chemicals for this and a salt water tub. Was having an issue with the chemicals where the longer I would go between water changing, the more SOMETHING would build up in the water and after a week or so, I could not use the hot tub without breaking out. No one else using the tub had the problem. So, on a whim, I decided to go this route as it was much easier than breaking open the tubing and trying to put a chlorine generator "in line". Worth every penny I spent on it. I'm not back to using my hot tub 3-4 days a week with zero issues. Cannot recommend this company enough.
Ordered Chlorine Hot Tub Drape Over
Mike Collinsworth , Lebanon , TN
Works well ..need a online back up for operating instructions/manual..fast postage to Australia too
Ordered TechniChlor
Dan Smith , Alexandra Hills , QLD
From the word go I can only say thank you to Gord for any questions I needed answered as I am in Australia and wasn't sure if the replacement cell I ordered would in fact work within our voltage system. Any questions were answered within hours and the product shipped within a day or two. I would without a doubt recommend this company to family, friends etc Regards Alan
Ordered A replacement cell for Hot Spring Soveriegn Spa
Alan Wilson , Brisbane , Queensland
Smarter Spa Works as advertised Love it
Ordered SmarterSpa
Tony Wallace , Fulton , MS
Très bon produit facile à utiliser Good easy to use product
Ordered Smarterspa
Patrick marier , Morin-heights , Quebec
Works as advertised.... A direct replacement for the overly expensive Ace Cell which died on month 14 of a 12 month warranty at a $1200 replacement cost. Paid approx. $400 for this cell and couldn't be happier. Hooked it up and turned it on.
Ordered Duece Salt Cell
David B , Trophy Club , TX
I have had this system for about 10 months now and love it!
Ordered ChlorMaker IL (Inline) Hot Tub Saltwater System
Vern McGaffic , jefferson city , Missouri, USA
ChlorMaker DO (Drape Over) Hot Tub Saltwater System The smartest and thing I have done in years. Work just like they said. No more messing with chemicals. I just put in correct amount of salt and that is all I have done except add some water. May not be the recommended way but it works for me!!!! I have only cleaned it three times over about 6 months or so.
Ordered Hot Tub saltwater conversion
Gene Kleffman , Eureka Springs, Arkansas , US
Working well, well worth the investment compared to Hot Springs Products
Ordered the Deuce Replacement Cell for Hot Springs Spas and Hot Tubs
Dale Sodahl , Minnetonka , Minnesota
I rarely provide review however wanted to share positive experience and results from Deuce Replacement Cell for my Hot Springs Tub. Second original cell in 4 years failed again, cost to replace ~$780, installed/replaced by dealer ~$1000. I did google search and located Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion's "Deuce Replacement Cell" for a fraction of the price. I received it, installed in approximately 20 minutes, powered up tub and immediately began working as stated and expected! I had to remove/add water to dilute salt % as my tube had excess salt content misread by faulty OEM cell, once done Deuce worked exactly as prescribed and continues to do so past 5 weeks since installed! Nice design, clearly less restrictive flow design, I hope that longevity is improved as well ... of course time will tell. Must say it was very gratifying to install direct replacement with no muss, no fuss and achieve desired results! Thanks for a fair and effective replacement solution! Gavin
Ordered Deuce Replacement Cell for Hot Springs Spa
Gavin , Loveland , Ohio
After a couple years of frustration with my spa's factory saltwater chlorinator, I eventually searched out alternatives. It wasn't great that I had to abandon a $1500 system that was sold to me by the people who made my hot tub -but it didn't work and they no longer supported me, other than getting me to spend $700 a year on replacement cells - NOT GOOD! I found this conversion kit and tried it out. After a couple weeks of adjustment I found that it worked better than the manufacturer's unit -it actually worked! And at a FRACTION of the cost of the OEM replacement cells -for the whole unit! Great move changing over -would recommend the system to anyone looking to cut down on maintenance and upkeep and have crystal clear water with much less effort and fuss.
Ordered Drape Over Chlorinator
Greg Douglas , Ardrossan , AB
Easy to install and working great. Very reasonable alternative to the pricey Hot Springs cell. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Ordered Deuce Replacement Cell for Hot Springs Spas and Hot Tubs
Dave B , Clancy , Montana
What great advice! I was impressed with the detailed attention I was given for the salt generator. Could not be more happy with a great product, and top notch personalized service!
Ordered Salt Generator
Martin Schaap , Pierrefonds , Quebec
After converting our pool to salt water a few years back, I decided to also convert the hot tub. The TechniChlor Chlorine Generator 220 was very easy to install, and use. The BEST is no more sickening chemicals. We also have a cover from Gordon, been over 2 years and still perfect! Highly recommend the covers and generator.....and Gordon :)
Ordered TechniChlor Chlorine Generator 220
David & Theresa , Fort Erie , Ontario
The chlorine generator works like a dream so far! Put in our salt, installed the technichlor and haven't done a thing since except check the status light and do the odd dip stick test, which have consistently come out perfect! What a welcome change from the old lithium process! The cover fits very well and I can lift it with one hand, despite the upgrades we ordered. Will see how it weathers the winter but so far, we are delighted!
Ordered TechniChlor Chlorine Generator 110
Kim Lund , Bowmanville , Ontario
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