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After a couple years of frustration with my spa's factory saltwater chlorinator, I eventually searched out alternatives. It wasn't great that I had to abandon a $1500 system that was sold to me by the people who made my hot tub -but it didn't work and they no longer supported me, other than getting me to spend $700 a year on replacement cells - NOT GOOD! I found this conversion kit and tried it out. After a couple weeks of adjustment I found that it worked better than the manufacturer's unit -it actually worked! And at a FRACTION of the cost of the OEM replacement cells -for the whole unit! Great move changing over -would recommend the system to anyone looking to cut down on maintenance and upkeep and have crystal clear water with much less effort and fuss.
Ordered Drape Over Chlorinator
Greg Douglas , Ardrossan , AB
Easy to install and working great. Very reasonable alternative to the pricey Hot Springs cell. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Ordered Deuce Replacement Cell for Hot Springs Spas and Hot Tubs
Dave B , Clancy , Montana
What great advice! I was impressed with the detailed attention I was given for the salt generator. Could not be more happy with a great product, and top notch personalized service!
Ordered Salt Generator
Martin Schaap , Pierrefonds , Quebec
After converting our pool to salt water a few years back, I decided to also convert the hot tub. The TechniChlor Chlorine Generator 220 was very easy to install, and use. The BEST is no more sickening chemicals. We also have a cover from Gordon, been over 2 years and still perfect! Highly recommend the covers and generator.....and Gordon :)
Ordered TechniChlor Chlorine Generator 220
David & Theresa , Fort Erie , Ontario
The chlorine generator works like a dream so far! Put in our salt, installed the technichlor and haven't done a thing since except check the status light and do the odd dip stick test, which have consistently come out perfect! What a welcome change from the old lithium process! The cover fits very well and I can lift it with one hand, despite the upgrades we ordered. Will see how it weathers the winter but so far, we are delighted!
Ordered TechniChlor Chlorine Generator 110
Kim Lund , Bowmanville , Ontario
I bought the Chlorine Generator in June of 2014. This product was awesome and kept my hot tub water pristine without the need of chemicals. All you need is salt. The water feels great to the skin and my young daughters do not get any skin reactions anymore. Unfortunately the generator became defective and stopped producing chlorine in April 2015. So I called Jennifer in California. Once she realized the problem they sent me a new one with no questions asked. The customer service is unparalleled. Thank you
Ordered TechniChlor Chlorine Generator
Sylvain Dr. Marino , Penticton , British Columbia
This product is terrific for hot tubs. Easy to install, after a week of settling in, the water is perfect, no chemicals to add, skin problems almost all gone. Worth every penny. Thanks guys for recommending this product and fast delivery at an amazing cost.
Ordered ChlorMaker DO
John Seguin , Vars , Ontario
When we started to search out where to buy our replacement hot tub cover, my wife came across this website. After reading the testimonials we decided to go with Hot Tub Covers Canada, not only for our replacement cover, but also the saltwater conversion kit. I suffer from excema and the bromine in our tub was causing alot of difficulties for me as my skin kept breaking out all over with red itchy blotches. Just not enjoyable when you own a hot tub. So the salt water conversion kit (ChlorMaker DO) system did it for me. So I can now enjoy my hot tub experience and don't worry about my excema coming back. Gord and staff were very thorough throughout the ordering process, calling me back to verify the measurements and explaining how to set up the saltwater system. I will be recommending this to anyone I know who also has a hot tub. Thanks Gord and staff for all your help
Ordered Chlormaker DO System
Michel Brooks , Belleville , Ontario
The Chlormaker DO works great! No more chemicals, NO MORE SMELLY WATER. We can finally enjoy the wonderful fragrances of the flowers and plants around our spa! Installation was a cinch. I didn't have a 110 volt outlet close by so I found an open 110 volt post on the main board of my spa that I could plug into. The wires included with the kit make for a clean installation. Cranked it up to 8 for a couple days to build up initial chlorine levels. Now I keep it between 1 and 3 depending on our use of the spa. I'm amazed and thrilled! The explanations over the phone were spot on. Thanks Hot Tub Covers Canada!
Ordered Chlormaker DO 220
Francis DesCôteaux , Gatineau , Quebec
Hot tub cover was great, chlormaker was easy to install and with the setup instructions from Gord, worked as advertised and I had the chlorine level up in one day. Great purchase and very very happy. I highly recommend this company.
Ordered chlormaker do
George Loney , Belwood , Ontario
Everything went very well. Gord was awesome in helping me through the order
Ordered Chlormaker DO
Gary , Hope , British Columbia
Very impressive customer service... the owner himself ensured my urgent Hot Tub cover ordered was done on time! The owners advice on the ChlorMaker DO (Drape Over) was the best purchase ever... now trouble free spa water treatment... even in - 30°C temperature... it worked perfectly and no more chemicals to balance...Especially great when you are gone on holiday for three weeks and the spa water is perfect upon your return.
Ordered ChlorMaker DO (Drape Over)
David , Morin Heights , Quebec
These people are just great to deal with! I needed a replacement cell for my Technichlor salt system. I ordered it online, and was surprised to receive a phone call soon after because there were a couple options and they wanted to be certain I got the correct item. I couldn't ask for a better experience or a friendlier bunch of people. My item was shipped promptly and a tracking number was emailed to me. When the US Postal Service misdelivered the package, my new friends in Canada were on it immediately and straightened it out. Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion is on my permanent contact list. They should be on yours, too!
Ordered Technichlor Chlorine Generator
Michael Bancroft , Port Saint Lucie, Florida USA , USA
I have had this installed in my MasterSpa 557 LSI (continuous circulation) since last September (7 months). I have found it to be very reliable and I love not having to add all the chemicals. I recently drained and refilled and found I don't need quite the salt concentration as suggested in the manual. The only issue I have with my water is the pH, which is very high (>8.2). To adjust I use muriatic acid. That is all I have ever added and that is only initially, and very infrequently after that. A setting of 3 seems to work for me since I am the only one using the tub (3-4 times per week). I love the feel of the salt water - skin actually feels softer. I am not sure how long the cell will last at this point but I have no issues with the unit thus far. I have not examined any of pump internals, valves, or piping for corrosion and scaling. My ozone generator appears to be working as before. I had to tie the salt cell into the discharge of the ozone generator which does not appear to have any adverse impact. Before conversion I was using bromine which had quite an unpleasant odor. The test kit for measuring salt concentration is very poor but analysis can be performed by a local spa dealer.
Ordered ChlorMaker IL (In LIne)
Vern McGaffic , Wardsville , Missouri, USA
We purchase the product. Easy to use and works very well. The water remains constant with Chlorine levels and your skin is so soft in the water. I would recommend this product.
Ordered Tecniclor Hottub Chlorine Generator
kent , Calgary , AB
Great results with MegaChlor Do. Installed in a 1400 gallon swim spa. Have not drain spa since filling July 2015. Run Megachlor on Setting # 5 of 10. I use white vinegar, baking soda and calcium chloride plus salt as my only chemicals.
Ordered MegaChlor DO
David Hooper , St George , NB
I would like to HIGHLY recommend Gord and his company to any and all of you. This is our 2nd hot tub cover, as the first was bought for a different tub that died, and this one now is for the new tub that the cover lasted only 2 years on. They always call you if they seem to feel your measurements are off some, (which mine were due to my own fault!). They go the extra mile to help you out. Their recommendation for the salt water conversion is working WONDERFUL. I can not count how many different chemicals I have bought that still made my husband itch. Now we have NO issues what so ever and the water is crystal clear. I love it! Thank you Saltwater Hot Tubs. You are the BEST!!!!
Ordered Salt water converter
Sharon Vandenberg , Mount Brydges , Ontario
Received within a few days of order - the product is well made and very easy to install. I did not pay attention to the water balancing that is supposedly required - merely adding 10 cups of salt to a new water fill. I have left the hot tub pretty well unattended now for a month. The water remains crystal clear and there is no evidence of algae, cloudiness, etc. It works just as well as my salt water pool. I highly recommend this product and this company.
Ordered DO salt water chlorinator
Ian Baines , Burlington , Ontario
Chlorinator still working out the kinks, so far seems to be great.
Ordered Cover and Chlorinator
Terry Wallbridge , Victoria , British Columbia
After testing to get the correct amount of salt in the tub it works awesome and saving a big chuck of cash for chemicals.
Ordered TechniChlor Hot Tub Chlorine Generator
Mike Campbell , Regina , Saskatchewan
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