by Ray & Wanda Marshall
City: Tracy
State/Province: CA
Product Purchased: Smarter Spa Chlorinator

Just installed in our new spa two days ago. Easy to use. No nasty chlorine smell is a God-send for me since I am sensitive to the smell of chlorine. No itchy skin, and no need to feel the need to shower after using spa to get chlorine smell and product off. Love, love, love it so far!

City: Cranford
State/Province: NJ
Product Purchased: Deuce Replacement Cell

I purchased this product on 2018-09 and its been working perfectly ever since (Its still going 2020-06). It seems to work much better than the original ACE one and so much cheaper. The company was very helpful at the time I purchased this. It looks like the product I have has now been replaced by https://www.saltwaterhottubconversion.com/saltwater-products/chlorine-generator-parts/replacement-cells/deuce-chlorine-replacement-cell.html which looks a bit more presentable. All in all, I love this product. My only complaint at the moment is that it took me two hours to find my old email of what I purchased. I wish I could find this product on Amazon where I can search my order history so easily. I was going to buy one today to keep until I need it, but then realized that if my current one lasts another year, the new one would be out of warranty before I even install it.

 by Tom Barnhart
City: Fargo
State/Province: ND
Product Purchased: Salt Cell

Great service. Quality product. Prompt delivery. I could not be more satisfied. Thank you.

 by T simon
City: Islip Terrace
State/Province: NY
Product Purchased: Chloromatic

I received my chloromatic and it was extremely simple to install and operate. I previously had extreme difficulty managing my hot tub water chemistry. I was breaking out into rashes and could not continue due to the severity of skin irritation. It is now two weeks into utilizing my saltwater tub and not one bit of skin irritation has occurred. We used the tub everyday for a week approximately 4 people average. I did shock it once but that is all it took to get the chlorine level above 0 and it is now registering properly and seems to be maintaining proper levels of chlorine. I called Gordon and he was more than willing to spend time with me on the phone to help me understand how to have continued success with this product. I highly recommend this company and the product as I probably would not have been able to enjoy the benefits of the hot tub without making this decision to go to saltwater. I have three young girls and all of them have commented on how much nicer the water feels and how their skin is softer compared to the how it felt after going into the hot tub with the previously chemically treated water.

 by Ross Garberich
City: Chaska
State/Province: MN
Product Purchased: Deuce Salt Water Replacement

Works great for under a quarter of the price of The Hot Spring Spas Ace product. Customer support is also great to work with.

 by Ellen Steele
City: Harrowsmith
State/Province: ON
Product Purchased: Chlormaker Salt Water Electrode Replacement

Gordon was extremely helpful and provided great customer service. I didn't know exactly which part I needed for my salt water unit so he had me take a picture of it and he let me know immediately that he had the part I needed. He was quite responsive via email, even over the holiday season. I had a slight problem ordering the product, so I called and the office staff informed me that Gordon was on holidays (but he had emailed me hours earlier), so he took the time to respond even when he was officially on holidays! The office staff helped me place my order and sent my part out the same day, in time for me to get it before Christmas so I could use my hot tub over the holidays (which was much needed!). Great service!

 by Gary Phelps
City: Southport
State/Province: QC
Product Purchased: SmarterSpa slatwater chlorine generator with chlorine detection

This is my third chlorine generator - moving up in generations - over the past 14 years. They are simple to install, simple to operate, and effectively keep my 5 person spa at a safe chlorine level. With these, salt, vinegar and baking soda my spa ticks along beautifully. There are several excellent guides to spa care/chlorination which I am happy to share if one wishes. Cheers

 by Kyle caraway
City: Dayton
State/Province: TN
Product Purchased: Smarterchlor

Awesome system, after getting everything balanced out I haven’t had to touch the hot Tub in weeks all levels are maintaining perfectly

 by Michael Zoberski
City: Boise
State/Province: ID

Great product, easy install no nasty fumes.

 by Greg Kleinhesselink
City: Omaha
State/Province: NB
Product Purchased: Salt water unit

Great customer service. Order came on time and no issues. I will use Salt water conversion again.

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