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The Chromium Replacement Cell is a direct replacement cell for the Ace system. No need to modify - same voltage, same output and similar sizing.
Direct replacement for all Hot Springs Ace

Regular Price: $399.95

Special Price $199.95

After a hot tub soak, do you suffer from chemical allergies or skin and eye irritation? Perhaps you are tired of adding sanitizers with stabilizers like cyanuric acid to your hot tub? With a ControlOMatic salt water chlorine generator from Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion, you can take back your leisure time and eliminate hot tub maintenance guesswork. Read Controlomatic reviews »

Saltwater chlorine generators reduce the need for harsh chemicals.

Hot tub owners can soak without breathing in chemical vapours. Swimming pool owners will notice a drastic improvement to eyes, skin and hair. Even those allergic to chlorine or with skin sensitivities can enjoy soaking or swimming without irritation. Unlike traditional water care with heavy chemical additives, a salt water chlorine generator reduces the volume of draining and refills required, meaning you save time performing drains and refills and ultimately conserve precious water. Read more »


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