Bid farewell to hours spend measuring and mixing.

Making the switch to a saltwater chlorine generator, otherwise called a salt water chlorinator or salt cell, is a natural and convenient alternative to conventional sanitization methods including solid or liquid chlorine.

Why Switch to a Saltwater Chlorine Generator?

Fans of salt water systems report that they are cheaper in the long run, result in softer skin, make it easier to balance the pH of the water and are easier to maintain! However, the initial costs tend to be more expensive than conventional systems, so you might want to do some research before you go rushing off to the store.

The name “salt-water” system gives the impression that these systems don’t use chlorine, but this isn’t actually true! During the filtration process, electricity is used to split the salt molecules into sodium and chlorine. The chlorine then kills the nasty bacteria in the water, and is transformed back into salt. This means that you shouldn’t need to add more salt very often, as it is only lost through splashing etc. (Is anyone else having flashbacks to high school chemistry class!?)

So if you’re fed up with messing around with smelly chemicals and complicated sanitation systems, you might want to look into a salt-water system! Do your research first, and make your old chemistry teacher proud!

This portable and simple to use chlorine generator automatically sanitizes hot tub water by converting skin softening saltwater into sanitizing chlorine. It is self-cleaning and includes salt level indicator light- automatically adjusting for fluctuations in spa temperature and usage.

No modifications, accessories or complicated installation are necessary, simply plug it in and rest assured that your hot tub is being safely sanitized 24/7.

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