Switching to a ControlOMatic Saltwater Generator Is Easier On Skin and Eyes

High concentration levels of chlorine can be hard on the skin and hair. Because the ControlOMatic systems manage and produce a relatively consistent level of chlorine all the time, you would naturally avoid those high concentration peaks. Bathing in salt water creates skin-softening benefits. Plus, lower concentrations of chlorine mean less eye irritation.

ControlOMatic Hot Tub and Spa Salt Water Chlorine Generators

ControlOMatic develops and manufactures saltwater chlorinators for the pool and spa industry throughout the world. For the last 30 years, saltwater pools have been in high demand due to improved water quality and the huge reduction in maintenance that a saltwater system provides. Until now, a smaller saltwater system designed for a spa or hot tub was not an option. The standard spa chlorine generators offered by ControlOMatic are very easy to install and do not require the spa to even be on or interfere with the current plumbing or electronics. Simply add salt, place in the water, turn it on, and let it run.

Why Buy a ControlOMatic Spa and Pool Chlorinator

CONTROL-O-MATIC POOL CHLORINATOR – Quite simply, Control-o-Matic is a line of saltwater chlorinators for home or professional swimming pools or spas. Enjoy better water and a dramatic reduction in maintenance.

AROUND-THE-CLOCK PRODUCTION – Offers built-in power levels with no external timers required. The self-cleaning system reduces the time you spend worrying about maintenance.

EASY TO INSTALL & USE – ControlOMatic offers a plug-and-play system that does not require plumbing or mechanical alternations. Just attach the panel to the outside of your pool or spa and lower the electrode into the water.

WARRANTY – ControlOMatic reminds all purchasers that the ONLY authorized resellers of the products are Quantum Networks, Hot Tub Covers Canada (Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion), Todayspoolandspa, Unbeatable Sale, Brandon Sale, and Cal Splash. Warranties DO NOT apply to purchases made from any other sellers!!

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