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ControlOMatic Produces Electrode for Spa Pilot

ControlOMatic is thrilled to announce our team has manufactured a replacement electrode for the SPA PILOT from the Autopilot Spa-pilot Spa Salt Water Sanitizing System brand. The Spa Pilot model was discontinued several years ago. Product owners found themselves...

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Stop Wasting Time Measuring & Mixing Spa Chemicals

Bid farewell to hours spend measuring and mixing. Making the switch to a saltwater chlorine generator, otherwise called a salt water chlorinator or salt cell, is a natural and convenient alternative to conventional sanitization methods including solid or liquid...

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Saltwater: Easy on your skin and eyes

Switching to a ControlOMatic Saltwater Generator Is Easier On Skin and Eyes High concentration levels of chlorine can be hard on the skin and hair. Because the ControlOMatic systems manage and produce a relatively consistent level of chlorine all the time, you would...

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Save Time and Money with a Saltwater Chlorine Generator

DID YOU KNOW…  Compared with traditional swimming pool or hot tub chlorination, a salt water system can not only save you time, it can also save you more than 50% in typical chlorine costs. What Is A Saltwater Chlorine Generator? A saltwater chlorine generator,...

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Simply Better Water

Why do hot tub, spa and swimming pool owners make the switch to a Saltwater Chlorinator? Because they don’t have to remember to add chlorine every day! Discover the Joy of Reduced Maintenance With a ControlOMatic Saltwater Chloriantor, you set it up once and the...

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Why Choose A ControlOMatic Spa Chlorine Generator?

We are often asked why Saltwater Hot Tubs only carries Spa Chlorine Generators from ControlOMatic. It comes down to three key areas and alignment in our values and ideals. These include... FAMILY RUN COMPANY Just like Saltwater Hot Tubs is a family-owned business, so...

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National Lifejacket Day 2018

We've all heard the slogan "lifejackets save lives", but how many of us bother to put one on before participating in water sports and paddling? Sadly, the latest statistics show that 161 Canadians drown while boating. Of these, 87 per cent are not wearing a lifejacket...

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Meet the SmarterSpa from ControlOMatic

Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion and its sister company, Hot Tub Covers Canada, is thrilled to offer the innovative ControlOMatic line of products. These include saltwater chlorine generators, replacement cells and a wide range of hot tub and spa accessories. The newest...

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