The benefits of salt water pools and spas are modernizing the swimming pool, hot tub, and spa industry. Instead of bogging down bodies of water with bromine or chlorine chemicals, homeowners and commercial facilities are embracing a natural approach: salt.

Saying goodbye to harsh chemicals and additives has never been easier. Advanced technology converts salt into chlorine, by way of a swimming pool or hot tub generator. The resulting salt water concentration, or salinity, is less than a human tear drop. Most pool, hot tub and spa owners do not smell or taste the salt. In turn, the swimmers and bathers reap the benefits of salt water.

List of Salt Water Benefits

  • Salt water is closer to the pH of your skin and eyes
  • Salt produces PURE chlorine, no additives in your water
  • No more red, irritated eyes
  • Dry, itchy skin is replaced with soft, smooth skin
  • Faded swimsuits are a thing of the past
  • Water is easily balanced and more stable
  • Salt water chlorine generators reduce waterline scum build-up
  • Reduce time spent on water chemistry, thanks to automated sensors and levelers
  • Little salt required for the ControlOMatic product line: 1.5 pounds of salt per 100 gallons of water, approximately a teaspoon per gallon.
  • Salt is more economical than chlorine or bromine


Make your swimming pool, spa or hot tub experience healthy and natural. Compare our salt water chlorinators to other systems, and discover how ControlOMatic products are simple, effective, and economical. Read Controlomatic reviews and testimonials about our saltwater kits and service. Consider making the switch to salt. Swim happy, soak happy, feel great!

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